Carrie Carusone is a graduate of the BFA Production program at FSU’s College of Motion Picture Arts. With a focus in writing and directing, she aspires to create films that capture the gritty reality of emotion. Her stories are often Florida centric and set through a female lens about complex, flawed relationships. Carrie is a filmmaker because she finds herself feeling too much. So in making films, she can give a little away.

This past year, Carrie spent her time on 40 short films. She's experienced in all ATL and BTL roles - a total of 52 live-action films under her belt.

Her latest short film, Joining the Birds (2020), is currently making its festival run and can be seen upon request. She is currently in the development phase of her feature debut - Somebody said Nobody


Florida Film Festival | 2021

National Film Festival for Talented Youth | 2020

Chinese American Film Festival | 2020

Female Voices Rock Film Festival | 2020

Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival | 2019

Chicago Fashion Film Festival  | 2018