A teenage vagabond searches for permanence in the abandoned homes of rural Florida. Crossing many paths but only choosing a few, she exposes three girls to the harsh realities of her lifestyle. The film includes strong language, use of drugs & alcohol, and mild sexual situations.​ Casting ages 15-22 for Lead Roles.

Stevie - Main Lead (16-17)

A quiet, hardened teenager. Her desire for a home is her driving force and why she does everything. It’s a fear of instability maybe, but this story is the chaos that inevitably follows. Role requires comfortability with animals.

Keke - Lead (16-18)

Extremely aware and honest with herself. She is very calm and reacts with intention. Her focus is on the present with a limited capacity for regrets.

vivian - Lead (16-18)

Utterly herself and doesn't care what others think of her. She holds an uncontrollable anger and childishness that is equally immature and respectable in the honesty.

Shanna - Lead (15-17)

Unequivocally innocent. She sees the best in others first. Despite losing her parents and being forgotten by the world, she finds positivity and beauty in everything.

Jake - Supporting (25-30)

Not easily tempered, Jake is a desperate being. He's got a silver tongue and a history of mistakes. But his calm exterior is waiting to break - must be in FL or GA area.

Self-Tape Auditions: Include name, age, best contact information, and choose the sides per your character or that which you feel most confident about. The film is realism so be honest! Or be yourself!

All Housing, Travel, and Meals will be covered. COVID tests for all Cast and Crew are required, on-set COVID rules and precautions will be taken. Payment is deferred. This is an independently produced micro-budget film.


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